Houston, we have a Paceman!

Changelog & News

22nd of December 2018.

  • Paceman.io had a server problem that meant the website was down for a few days. Paceman is very sad about this and wants to say sorry. Servers are up now and the battles can continue! Happy New Year to all of Paceman's fans!

3rd of June 2018.

  • 4 new powers implemented: "Invulnerability", "Invisibility", "Teleport" & "Clone". Discover them in-game!

  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

  • Improved stability and performance due to engine update.

28th of October 2017.

  • Minor bug fixes, improved stability and performance.

7th of September 2017.

  • Assorted fixes and improvements due to engine update.

2nd of September 2017.

  • Fixed an exploit that lead to max points very quickly.

20th of August 2017.

  • Critical security update.

  • Small improvement of stability and performance.

13th of August 2017.

  • Fixed a rare bug which caused a crash of the game client.

6th of August 2017.

  • Assorted fixes and improvements due to engine update.

6th of July 2017.

  • Duration for the 'spinning' power halved.

1st of July 2017.

  • Two new powers added: Random (gives you a random one of the other powers), and spinning (you spin around uncontrollably).

  • Social media share buttons added to the 'End Game' screen. Sharing your Paceman results have never been easier!

  • Fixed an exploit involving dashing while having a point boost power, and then eating the dropped points.

  • Fixed a bug where powers did not have the correct duration on the ground before being picked up.

  • All text has been visually improved and better performant.

  • Increased the amount of powers on the map slightly.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

11th of June 2017.

  • Increased the distance of points spawned on death relative to the dead Paceman.

  • Minor adjustments to dash instruction text in-game to reflect the new dash mode.

4th of June 2017.

  • New 'Dash' mode: Holding mouse button or spacebar down makes your Paceman move at double speed, while dropping points.

  • Due to the new dash mode, there is a new toggle option in the menu for choosing whether to use the old method of dashing, called 'Spring Dash Mode', or whether to use the new one (default).

  • Minor performance improvements.

1st of June 2017.

  • Prevented a rare bug where multiple pacemen were created for the same player for clients.

  • Fixed a bug where the 'Highest Scorer' UI was shown multiple times in a row, in quick succession.

  • Minor performance improvements.

24th of May 2017.

  • Added UI feedback on changing rank on the scoreboard, and on achieving the highest scorer

  • A new particles-based trail renderer has been implemented, in order to provide a visual 'speed trail' that helps to clarify the speed progression.

  • All skins now have an associated gradient color set, used for the scoreboard text and the new speed trail.

  • Using a new method for rendering the scoreboard and its text, which means that names do not overflow their score. Additionally, the scoreboard should now support even more unicode characters.

  • New UI feedback given on leveling down, due to dashing, which costs points.

  • Lots of tweaks to Pacemen and points.

  • Various minor performance improvements.

  • Website hosting moved to a new provider, which hopefully provides faster loads for all players.

6th of May 2017.

  • Dash instruction UI text more subtle and without background.

  • Minor fixes to when the dash instruction UI text is shown, i.e. not immediately if having been in menu for a while.

  • Minor adjustment to Paceman skin selection placement.

  • Attempt at improving when points are eaten visually.

  • Fixed an issue that meant that sometimes the scoreboard leader was missing a visible crown for other players.

4th of May 2017.

  • If not using the 'Dash' move (press and hold left mouse button or space), a new instruction text is shown telling the player how to do this.

  • Only show the 'LEVEL UP' text on actual level up, not on level down (due to dashing).

  • Provide better feedback to the client in case of server failures, maintenance, etc.

  • Points blend together graphically, creating a better visual impression of multiple stacked points.

  • Optimized graphics rendering.

  • Minor network optimization.

1st of May 2017.

  • Started this changelog to allow Paceman fans globally to follow the game's progression.

  • Added a new UI text element upon leveling up, to make it more clear what the purpose of the XP bar is and to simply notify of level up.

  • Removed the background 'box' from the LEVEL UP text.

  • Optimized graphics performance.

30th of April 2017.

  • New implementation of speed progression that follows a different (secret) mathematic formula. Hopefully improves the experience of increasing levels.

  • Tweaked the XP level progression algorithm.

  • Considerable performance improvements by ensuring that points, powers and obstacles are all instanced on the GPU.

  • Reduced start speed slightly.

  • Minor performance improvements.

  • Added Facebook "Like" and Twitter "Follow" buttons to the front page to allow Paceman fans to receive frequent updates and news, as well as to provide feedback.

28th of April 2017.

  • Increased start speed considerably.

  • First implementation of an on-screen XP bar showing the player's progression towards the next level of speed.

  • Speed now progresses in discrete steps, instead of a gradual increase. This is to enforce the experience of increasing in speed.

26th of April 2017.

  • Bundling all assets with the game from now on, instead of loading them from an external web repository. This should reduce load time of the game.

  • Various small performance improvements as a result of simplifications due to dropping asset bundles.

  • Attempt to fix issue with clients receiving data messages concerning dead Pacemen on join.

24th of April 2017.

  • Fixed issues with asset bundles that included too much content, this reduces the size of asset bundles needed to be downloaded.

  • Reduced game size slightly by cleaning up and seperating server/client code better.

  • Minor performance improvements.

Paceman.io was fully released on the 21st of April 2017.